joi, 17 mai 2012

Boker +plus Knife Unpack

Tocmai am primit noul meu cutit Boker Plus 073 No.2.A venit intr-o cutie neagra si de asemenea intr-o husa cu velcro de aceeasi culoare.
Iata cateva spec-uri iar apoi vi-l voi arata:
Lungime lama : 8,7 cm
Grosime lama : 3 mm
Lungime totala : 20 cm
Materialul lamei : Otel 420 Inoxidabil
Sistemul de blocare al lamei este de tip Linerlock si vine cu un clip pentru atasarea la curea.

miercuri, 9 mai 2012

Existential Renewal

Existency problems reunite
One lost soul with endless might
No more hope and full of fright
Dwells the inner rooms of blight.

With past that hunts the future
Present seems to crumble
Relentless ambitions
Cannot unravel.

Dreams of war and lack of peace
Throws the mind in the abyss
Falling constantlly in the dark
On the soul it leaves it's mark.

It seems that all the time I lost
Had no importance and it must
Get back at the starting point
Renew the circle and anoint.

With the unholy essence I,
Reset the cycle standing by
To receive the truth and die
Beneath the reddened twilight sky.

duminică, 11 martie 2012

War Inside

Post apocaliptic visions
World war III emerging from beyond the sea
Armies battle aimlessly
For what?

Pointless reasons
None at all
Nothing matters

Drift away
All corpses lie
Mass distruction

Damned be all those who admit
Life is something to be kept
To all those who struggle living
Nothing matters,life is wept

Reaching hands that beg for mercy
Collapsing under the rain of bullets
Bombs are flying overhead

Survival chances dropped to none
Radioactive fallout all around
Vaporized flesh scents in the air
Nothing left,just dead,dead,dead